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Welcome to your local family-run security company, we hope that you can find any information you may require regarding security for your premises.

Burglary is a crime that not only strips you of your valuable possessions but also invades your personal privacy. The emotional distress of this crime cannot be measured. Our professional burglar alarm systems will reduce the likelihood of this crime happening to you.

BT RedCare GSM Alarm Monitoring

BT RedCare GSM Alarm Monitoring provides continuous alarm coverage via a Central Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Monitoring is provided down a BT Telephone line and via Radio Signals using the mobile network. In the event of a confirmed intruder at your premises the ARC would contact the Police and nominated Keyholders to take immediate action. This is the best form of Alarm Monitoring and accepted by all property insurers.

Maintenance & Repairs

We are able to repair, service and maintain all types of alarm systems.

If you have an old system that has developed a fault, we would be happy to repair or upgrade systems to your requirements. Our engineers will be happy to offer advice and assistance to make sure your premises are suitably covered for your piece of mind.

Once your system is working to the right standard we are able to maintain your system with our Maintenance Contract. This offers you a 24hr Emergency Call-out Service in the event of a fault with your system. You will also receive preferential rates on any extra works to your system and a Service Inspection of the system as pert of the contract.

Trellidor Grilles

We also install Trellidor Grilles. These sliding grilles are highly effective in keeping out intruders.

Originally designed for personal protection we now install them in all areas, especially schools and offices where equipment is on view.

Grilles can be opened in the daytime and simply slide closed and locked at night to provide maximum security.

CCTV Cameras

Closed Circuit Television Cameras provide outstanding coverage of any areas (internal or external) you wish to have covered. There are lots of different types of cameras to suit any circumstance and location.

We can provide cameras to cover a set location, cameras which pan around a chosen area or cameras which can be controlled and moved by you to view a specific area at your wish.

All camera systems can be viewed on a wide selection of Monitors and can also be recorded onto a Hard-Drive on a Digital Video Recorder which you can then burn onto a Compact Disk. We can also offer a system with a dial-in over an internet connection to view the cameras from another location.

All CCTV Systems can tailored to your requirements as there are so many options available.