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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Alarms awfully messy?
Not at all, all cables would be hidden. A site survey can ensure that routes for cable can be calculated and minimize disturbance to your property and possessions.
We also have wireless options available if you do not wish to have any cables.

I already have an alarm that’s not working, can you repair it?
We can repair or upgrade existing systems to the latest standards, simply contact us for a free site survey.

I have a cat/dog, they would set an intruder alarm off wouldn’t they?
No. We can tailor our systems with Pet Friendly Passive Infra Red Detectors that will not be affected by pets. These work on weight whereby any animal under 80lbs (35kgs) are immune but any personal intruder will still be very much detected.

Are alarms reliable?
Absolutely. At Ashton Alarms we only use the most rigorously tested and reliable parts for our systems from the most respected manufacturers.

What kind of guarantee will I get?
We offer a one year full guarantee on our systems from the date of installation.
Just before the end of the guarantee period we will contact you to arrange a free service inspection to check that the system is still operating to the high standards expected.
After this we will give you the option to take out an additional years maintenance contract.
You can pay for your contract by Cheque, Cash, Credit/Debit Card* or Monthly Standing Order*.
*50p fee applies when using this method.

How does the monitored alarm work?
Monitored Alarm connects to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) which is a remote central station manned 24 hours a day 365 days a year, via your telephone line. This permanent phone connection enables the alarm system to send signals as and when necessary to the ARC which in turns verifies the signals received and take appropriate actions. For instance if the alarm system detects an intrusion, it immediately sends an intruder signal to the ARC via the phone line. Within seconds the ARC is able to verify the alarm signal and decide on appropriate course of action to alert you or one or more of your nominated keyholders and if necessary alert the Police via an agreed communication channel.

Would I be able to set my burglar alarm at night?
Yes. Your alarm allows for full setting, part setting and night setting. Typically, at night setting, you are free to move around at some area of your home such as upstairs whilst the ground floor is alarmed. This is called a part-set and would be fully demonstrated on installation.

How long will it take to install my alarm?
It takes on average a full working day to install a domestic intruder alarm system, some commercial premises may take longer.

Would my wireless internet connection interfere with the wireless alarm?
Not at All. Your wireless alarm will utilize a dedicated narrow band radio channel which is exclusive for the security industry and as such unlikely to receive interference from your wireless internet connection. We have filters to combat this problem in the unlikely event of any interference.

How soon can you install my burglar alarm?
We can usually do a site survey within one to two days at your convenience, installing in usually within seven days from acceptance.