Grilles and Roller Shutters

grilles & roller shuttersTrellidor Grilles

Trellidor grilles are the most durable, reliable and affordable form of physical security available for your home or business. They have been used in the tough environments of Business and Industrial premises for many years and have become a household name.

Trellidors are tailored completely to your premises and can be fixed in place or open in any fashion you like, top, bottom, side middle etc. They can also come in a large variety of colours and styles to suit any application The grilles are attack tested and certified grilles are licenced by ACPO Police Policy.

Roller Shutters

Roller Shutter will provide internal or external protection for windows/doors or any kind of opening. These corrugated steel shutters will provide excellent protection from forced vandalism and accidental damage (wind etc.). Shutter can me electrically operated with a key or fob, or manually by hand or winder if you prefer.
All our shutters are made specifically to suit your premises and like grilles they can be made to any size and colour you may want.

All our shutters are attack tested and we only use approved suppliers for all our materials.

For any further information on Roller Shutters or Grilles please contact us any we will be happy to assist your enquiry.